Basic Crap

  • Former head administrator and founder of the MG Wiki project.
    • I was the guy to talk to about wiki stuff but retired long, long ago. I'm updating this now (it's September of 2014 and the future is amazing) because someone grabbed me for something, which I find bizarre, but yeah, no, this profile page is basically here as a reminder of who this wiki's daddy was.
      • Hey look, third-tier information bullet!
  • De facto leader of the server "Illuminati".
  • Brutal autocrat.
  • Known on Moon Guard as Devinicus, Therodar, Archaeduun, Dogrin, and a few others.
  • Need to contact me with questions, comments, or just generally need help with something?
    • Email: lokidc(at)gmail(dot)com
    • MSN: diogenes(at)live(dot)com
    • AIM: Archaeden
    • In-game mail is also fine, though not really recommended, I'm between a lot of alts (altism, lulz), and there's a chance I'll miss your mail or just plain forget to respond. E-mail is honestly your best bet for tracking me down.
    • Seriously, it's worth repeating. I have a BlackBerry, e-mail pops up in my pocket, I look at that crap, especially if it's related to something I can actually do something about. As opposed to "ENLARGE YOUR QUAD TODAY". Fucking Morlan.
  • No fat chicks? Don't give me that shit. Yes fat chicks.


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