The Infernum is an ancient spellbook, writen during the opening days of the War of the Ancients, and catagories a little known form of magic. Magic sewn from pure and unmidigated hatred, enough of which that it is given manifest in the real world. This gave rise to a cult following of those who were proficient in it's use. Though extremely unstable, this magic is far more potent then most forms of mana-based magics.

The major drawback of this magic is that a single being cannot garner enough hatred to manifest it in the real world, and it usually only comes about through extreme suffering of an indevidual or group. Thus, in order to garner enough hatred to make a spell viable, many people needed to be tormented, terrified, and killed. Until the Infernum.

The Infernum is a pouring source of hatred as an energy, it seeps outward like a crawling disease from the book itself. It infects everything around it, inflicting the same tortures and torment as were inflected upon those who came before. This energy embodies itself as a strange curse, which inflicts terrible and incurable burns upon it's victims. These burns slowly warp the person, until they have either given in to total insanity, or take thier own life. The mysteries of where this energy comes from remains hidden.

There are a few small exceptions to this rule, Khraven being one of them, who managed to harness his curse as a boon.