Syerin Wintersong
Night Elf
180 lbs.


There is not much to describe about her basic appearance since she looks like any other elf--an ethereal beauty with violet skin, full lips, and brightly lit eyes. Though she bares no markings like most females, there is still no question of her proud Kaldorei heritage. There is still a very disheveled and rural look about her, but with a few cleaned changes. With the recent events of her training, her demeanor has changed to a more lively presence smile that rings with promise and voice richer than silk. With practice comes perfection, and while she is a long ways off from that, there is no doubt that this Druid has refined greatly since we have last seen her.

A curtain of pure white hair spills over her shoulders and back, carrying a lingering scent of wildflowers and fresh grass. Leaves and vines sprouting tropical flowers are seen tangled and twisted around a few of her locks, thriving from her nourishing magic without so much as a wilt. She no longer has any noticeable small patches of soil or dried mud is seen around her chin and cheek area, finally allowing the allure it normally has without debris covering it. Though there are still a few occasional moments that she still manages to get slightly dirty.

Her attire has equally changed, no longer wearing patched or worn clothing but tailored outfits designed to fit her form securely for supreme versatility. Around her waist is a belt made of crystal bells, chiming with every move she makes while providing a constant symphony of endless music wherever she roams. Finally, a simple silver chain is worn around her neck with a pendant attached designed like a snowflake


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