IC InformationEdit

The Stormrock Clan was a shamanistic military family of Orcs, Trolls (any kind), Tauren, Ogres, and Goblins that united under the principles of their faith and the survival of what many of them believe to be the "True Horde." Protecting the new homeland Kalimdor and ensuring that the True Horde society survives was the primary purpose of this Clan's activities, although they did give very close assistance to the Horde, in combat and matters of faith.

While it managed to survive several internal and external conflicts, it all came to a head a few months after Deathwing was slain. The Clan was once again under leadership of it's namesake Chieftain, Iriako Stormrock. While in the process of building a Hold for themselves in Stonetalon, it was unexpectedly seiged by Alliance forces--mainly Night Elves. In the battle, the Hold was destroyed and many Clan members were slain--including the Chieftain's three year old daughter.

Filled with grief and rage, Chieftain Iriako Stormrock followed suit to Thrall's example and dissolved his Clan's ranks, coaxing many of them to join various groups within the Horde. Iriako and several other Stormrock members took their elite combat skill and spiritual prowess into the Kor'Kron, Orgrimmar's Elite, and now strive to continue the Clan's mission from within the Horde's ranks: Protecting Kalimdor and ensuring prosperity of their faiths.

OOC InformationEdit

Founded on July 11th, 2008 by Gur'thok, Jergo, Alisanoka, Nurzog, Iriako (User:Omegawpn213), Kroto, and many others, Stormrock came into being as a Heavy RP Guild. Since then, we're always adapting the guild to the gaming and social environment and keeping the game more interesting. At one point in time, Iriako took up the position of Guild Master and lead the guild as it's first Chieftain. He took a two-year break from leading, but returning in December of 2011. However, due to unresolvable conflict within the Officer-base, several competing guilds, and other factors, Iriako dissolved the Clan as an IC guild, and went to the Kor'Kron Legion, asking any of his members wanting to RP spirituality to follow him.