Shatterspear Tribe
Guild Type
Medium-Heavy RP
Troll RP based on members and friends of the Shatterspear Tribe
The Tribe looks for members or friends of the Shatterspear to one day return to the secluded village.
Tribal Leadership
Allied Guilds
Sobadji Tribe
none at the moment
Known Hangouts
Orgrimmar, Sen'jin village

IC InformationEdit

The Shatterspear Tribe was founded by a lost Shatterspear Troll, seeking to find others of his tribe or those friendly to it. The tribe is oriented to the hope of one day finding peace between all cultures, races, and factions. That being said, the Tribe only accepts other trolls into their ranks to one day feast in the secluded village of their home.

Members of the forming Sobadji Tribe approached the huntress Zazja, requesting the support of the Shatterspear Tribe in their efforts to unify the different troll races and restore the old ways of the trolls, including the Troll Empire. The Shatterspear Tribe remains friendly with all races, but is first and foremost dedicated to peace among their people.

OOC InformationEdit

Our guild is medium to heavy RP, heavy PvE, and light PvP. It is still in the beginning stages, having only a few members. Troll alts are welcome, and the atmosphere is casual and light. We do require applicants to visit the website, read the code of conduct and the application process, applying on the forums and then an in-character interview, arranged by the Tribal Elder.

Tribe DetailsEdit

Please visit the website and read the topics for ranks, conduct, and disclaimers. We do require applicants to be mature people, as some themes and roleplay may contain mature subject matter. New troll roleplayers are welcome, as are alts that may need a home.

We welcome any other tribes who may wish to form an alliance, though our contribution as numbers will be very small for a time.

Website Addition- Lore LibraryEdit

Be sure to glance at our forum category "Library". Still in the beginning stages, the Library is becoming full of books found throughout the realm of World of Warcraft.