Basic Information

Name: Nein'a'sha Shadowstrider

Title: Black Magician

Nicknames: Nein'a, Nein

Race: Blood Elf

Gender: Female

Age: Never ask a lady her age!

Height: 5'8

Height: 130 lbs

Hair: Dark red

Eyes: Bright green, of two different colours

Alignment: Neutral good

Professions: Tailor, enchanter


Nein'a'sha is a average elf in most respects, average height, average build among the females. A lithe one, expected of a dancer. The thing about her appearance that sticks out of the most are her hair and eyes. A mass of curls fall around her head, quite pretty. She seems more annoyed with it than pleased.

Her eyes are bright green, like most of her race, but her eyes are of two different shades. The one on the left is a deep emerald green, while the one on the right is a more yellow-y green. Her eyes don't stay staring at one place for long, they jump around from thing to thing.


(Will come soon when less lazy, roar.)


(Will come soon when less lazy, OR WILL IT!?)