Lady Ksyusha Dagomar
Game Information
Game Name Ksyusha
Faction Alliance
Race Human
Class Priest
Guild Keepers of Virtue
Professions Tailoring, Enchanting
Height 5' 5"
Gender Female
Hair Black
Eyes Green
Age 29
Alignment Chaotic Good

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Lady Ksyusha Genevieve Dagomar is 29 years old, an old maid by Azerothian standards. She has long black hair she wears pinned back, green eyes and very pale skin, despite her adventures. She is of an average build for a human woman, lithe and thin as befits a spellcaster. She is very smart, but often impatient - she sees what needs to be done and gets frustrated when others question or take their time. She is stubbornly loyal, some say to the point of foolishness.


Ksyusha is the only daughter of Sir Lucas and Lady Anneliese Dagomar, both deceased, though she has a brother named Cadmous. Her father was a minor noble, a knight rewarded for service, but no one of great standing. She was born in southern Lordaeron, near the border of present-day Silverpine Forest, and had a fairly normal childhood. She began to receive tutoring at age eleven, learning alongside a quiet boy called Sabinian Drakeson. She apprenticed to a priestess and began to study the holy arts, until the plague. Her mother affianced her to a young paladin of Brill, but in the days of the plague, the young paladin's family stayed in Brill to help those being ravaged by the disease. The Vandeverre family was murdered by the Scarlet Crusade, and the Dagomars fled to Hillsbrad Town. They stayed there until both parents passed away, with Ksyusha and her brother both moving to study at the abbey of Northshire - she as a priestess, he as a mage.


It was at Northshire that Ksyusha met a monk only known as Brother Tyrias. He tutored her in the holy arts, but one day, he asked her to follow him behind the abbey, out near the stables. It was there he began to teach her about the power of the shadow. and Ksyusha picked it up fast. With Tyrias' help, she started to bend the shadow, making its power act in the name of the Light. Tyrias taught her how to shroud herself in shadow, as a means of holding the element under her sway.

Ksyusha's brother was horrified, casting her off and threatening to murder the monk that had corrupted his sister. To this day she and Cadmous do not speak often, though they are more civil now than they were. Still, a side effect that Tyrias forgot to mention was the fear and ostracism Ksyusha has experienced ever since. Many do not see what she is doing as important; merely heretical.

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