Banepaw Fellowship

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Peace, unity, and prosper.
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So far, yes.
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Mission StatementEdit

We have faced many challenges in our life, and seen the effects that war causes and the irreparable damages it does. We are envoys of peace; to rid ourselves of war and the evils of life is to rid ourselves of the suffering that prolongs us from acquiring true peace among the races. This is what the Banepaw Fellowship should be.


The Banepaw Fellowship is an organization focused on the unity of all the mortal races against the true evils of life, such as the Scourge or the Burning Legion, and perhaps even our own selves. We concentrate on friendship and unity and find bonds with one another regardless of where we came from, who we are, or what we do. As such, the Fellowship has some rules to abide by, which aren't to restricting, but the most prominent rule and prerequisite in order to join is to be someone who is willing to promote good will to others and be willing to fight against atrocities that evil wills.

The Fellowship also promotes self-awareness and reflection. Usually every Sunday at 9:00PM server time, Elder Gulmorgron hosts an event which is known as Meditation Night. The purpose of this event is to help others understand the world around us and find a better reflection of ourselves in the world. The Fellowship recommends people interested in the guild to come to this event in hopes to find like-minded individuals who are striving to achieve the same goals. Leave your prejudice, bigotry, and arrogance at the door.

Joining The BanepawEdit

Usually, in order to join the Banepaw Fellowship, one must contact a guild member OOCly or ICly (hopefully ICly) and request to join. The person in question will then be asked a series of question to see if he or she is like-minded and fits the mission statement of the Banepaw. When all is said and done, the person in question will hopefully be permitted into the Banepaw and be given a magical incantation to align his or her hearthstone to a special communication channel that only the Banepaw can speak through. From this point, the only thing to do is to get to know your new brothers and sisters (not by blood, of course, but some members see it like that).

Another way to join is to register on the Banepaw forums and give your character's information (and possible background information as well). Remember to create your application thread in the appropriate section! With luck, someone will see your thread and a recruiter will send you a tell in-game.